Even as a child I always had a obession with sharing my thoughts with the world. In elementary school I would write blog posts about my day, fill out surveys, post images I liked and so on (check it out here xanga.com/sitting_waiting_for_my_love, I warn you now they are the naive ramblings of a child too curious to grasp any truth) just to be able to express myself without judgement.

I understand how important it is to express yourself now that my days are consumed with the constant threat of debt and passing my courses. I have no time to self-reflect so it’s hard for me to feel any joy on the daily. But also when I am in spaces where expression is promoted, I feel like I am being forced to share something by being there; people don’t understand that one of the biggest, most difficult steps is just showing up to something you once vehemently protested.

With every post I shall reveal a piece of me I want to analyze and understand, regardless if there is feedback or not. I just want to get things off my chest.

My name is Christine Medina. I am a Junior working on my undergraduate B.S. in Information Technology at DePaul University. I am an Active member of Alpha Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. – currently the President for Epislon Chapter. I am of Asian and Hispanic descent; Filipino on my mother’s side and Panamanian and Nicaraguan on my father’s side. I grew up in a single parent household; although my father was around, he really contributed nothing of value until much, much later. I am in a monogamous, 5-year-long relationship with the man of my dreams. I love animals. I love Bob’s Burgers. Kuchi Kopi.

I know what I have, yet I am still trying to find my purpose.


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